Monday, June 08, 2009

Israel is a "trusted ally"?

Really? Can anybody name a single thing that Israel has *ever* done for the United States? C'mon, surely Israel has contributed at least ONE soldier to some U.S.-led peacekeeping operation, right? And basing rights... surely there is at least ONE U.S. base in Israel, right? Can anybody name it?

I mean, c'mon. "Ally" implies that Israel does something for the US in exchange for the US doing lots of things for Israel (over $4 billion lots of things a year, to start with). So what is it that the US gets for its $4 billion lots of things a year that it does for Israel? Other than a lot of headaches from Arabs upset about it? Anybody?

-- Badtux the Ally Penguin


  1. (Snort)Israeli officers like pissing of US sailors by ordering them around on their own ships.

  2. They are nice enough to determine our Middle East foreign policy for us.

  3. Well there is that, but color me red, white, and blue and fuck me with a spoon if doing Israel's bidding in invading Iraq was a good idea...

    - Badtux the Ain't-that-special Penguin

  4. Haifa serves as a harbor for the sixth fleet, I think. And we do share our faulty intelligence with you...

  5. I really think the US should cut off all aid to Israel until they stop constructing new settlements. Oooooooh, I know that makes me a big ol' Jew hater (although my boyfriend's Jewish), but I'm sick of the US letting Israel get away with the blatant F.U. that these settlements represent.


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