Saturday, June 06, 2009

How to create a Charlie Manson

  1. Take a troubled 10 year old kid
  2. Put him in juvenile jail for years with older kids who sodomize him and brutalize him.
  3. Success!
Well, if that's what you're trying to do, it's success anyhow... and we're doing it again. Because, apparently, giving a youngster the help he needs -- or at least an appropriate environment to protect society from him -- is just too much trouble. I'd do something but, hey, look, I can't be bothered with that, American Idle is on! And what about that Susan Boyle, eh? A penguin has to have his priorities straight!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. and a LOT of those kids are in juvenile facilities for only smoking pot! Amazing! They turn pot users into hardened sad and ridiculous!

  2. lock-up is a school for scoundrels.

    Ahhh.. and Ms. Boyle. I must write something on her again. . . She dogs me from every erstwhile reputable news outlet.

  3. I don't know how I missed this jewel, but I have a like story to share.

    My daughter was caught with a bunch of her friends (cheerleaders) in the 6th grade for pouring vodka in the end-of-year party punch.


    Criminals all. They were "sentenced" to drug school for six weeks of the summer vacation where they sat in classes everyday with people of high school age who actually were criminals and had used hard drugs and worse because the new drug policy treated all "drug" use the same.

    When I hit the roof with the lead guidance counselor (some guidance!) about their lack of professional expertise in making these decisions, she burst into tears and ran out of the room where she had been lecturing me about my miscreant 12-year-old.

    The principal of the school called me that night to tell me that I had made his top teacher cry (and shame on me, I guess).

    As you can imagine, he didn't like my response. This happened a very long ago and when I raised exactly the same example of Charlie Mansons being schooled by these policies I became persona non grata at that school.

    My daughter, of course, grew up a meth addict.


    I was her Mother so that was a no go but I certainly feared for all those other little girls who were treated like criminals for what was clearly a joke.

    Glad you cover this kind of reprehensible professional behavior too.


    Oh, and nobody actually drank the punch once the vodka had been added. They were afraid to, and that's how the teacher found out.

    I always thought I might use this in a fiction work, but it's just too obvious isn't it?


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