Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yet another reason to sell my motorcycle?

Ick. Pretty much my nightmare -- a big rig deciding to wipe me right off the road.

-- Badtux the Skittish Penguin


  1. From AD's blog, read this (have to go down a ways in that story) and this. One of my college buddies spent three months in the hospital following some driver trying to make a left-hand turn through him.

    I'd love to ride. But there are too many people who drive down the road in cars and SUVs who are semi-brain-dead while driving for me to even think about trying it.

    So I'll stick to flying.

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  2. Flying? I enjoy tat too but scooters are cheaper. Today I put a couple hundred miles on the bike. Didn't see any boogers and had a fun ride. Would have been more fun if I wasn't alone. Sigh.

    I might sell ONE scooter... but my heirs will have to sell the last one. Right now I've got my eyes on a 2009 Vulcan Nomad 1700. My old 2001 1500 Classic is getting up there in miles. May be time for a trade.

    Wish I could figure how to embed a link in a comment like you do, Misfit. Want to write me privvate and tell me how to do it?


  3. Heck , I've been run off of Hwy 5 going North in my Full Size cab and a half Pickup ! Son of a bitch wired up truckdriver took my lane and left me no where but the center divide ! Good thing I had 4 wheels or I might not be here to bitch about him .

  4. ::::::::shudders:::::::::Great, right as the sun is out enough to WANT to ride. I wish I could convince the man to sell both cycles, but he would happily divorce me first.


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