Thursday, April 02, 2009

What I'm watching

Today's Netflix pick:

Ergo Proxy.

I'm just on disk one (the first three episodes of the television series) so I can't say too much, but those three episodes were plenty to suck me in. Disk 1 goes back tomorrow and hopefully Disk 2 gets here for the weekend...

-- Badtux the Video Penguin


  1. It is an interesting show, and unlike a lot of the cyberpunk animations is pretty low-key on action. A lot of parallels to older mythologies. If you like Ergo Proxy, check out "Serial Experiments: Lain" released back in 1998, another good cyberpunk that focuses more on psychology and social dystopia than action.

  2. Yes, I liked Lain. So far I don't like much other anime that is available in the USA, which is why I was happy to come across Ergo Proxy.

  3. If you haven't, try "Texhnolyze" also. Its a slow mover like Lain, but with considerably larger amount of action, and is quite graphic. Focus heavily on the social dystopia that cyberpunks tend to favor.


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