Thursday, April 30, 2009

No credibility

So I got an email from the RNC about how Obama's first 100 days were "100 days of taxing, spending, and borrowing." Now, nevermind that Obama gave a tax *break* to everybody who isn't a millionaire and thus the "taxing" thing is total bullshit, the Republican Party has no credibility - none, zero, zip - on that whole spending and borrowing thing.

The Bush Administration raised spending more than any President since Lyndon B. Johnston, who was fighting a war with 500,000 U.S. troops in theatre, sending a man to the moon (Bush only managed to send seven men to the boom), creating Medicare from scratch, largely finishing the initial construction of the Interstate Highway System, pass a comprehensive Civil Rights Act to end state-enforce apartheid in America and began enforcement of it, and otherwise giving us something tangible for that money. Well, other than that war thing, which was money sunk into a dismal jungle of no use to anybody. But Bush and his Republican Congress managed to give us *two* wars for more money than LBJ did all that other stuff with, leaving America with fewer good roads, less health care, less of everything that matters than when he started his term. Well, except the dead bodies, of course. President Bush was great at giving America dead bodies, whether they were dead GI's overseas, or dead Americans floating in the ruins of New Orleans, or dead bodies in the ruins of the World Trade Center (albeit he had help with that last one, he completely ignored the warning "bin Laden determined to strike inside America" and did nothing to prevent it).

So when the RNC rants about "taxing, spending, and borrowing", that's like a hooker ranting about irresponsible sex with strangers. It's a fucking hoot, is what it is. Almost literally.

-- Badtux the Mildly Amused Penguin

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  1. I think I would have to steel myself if that crap was in my mailbox all the time. It's bad enough when I see how my congressman voted.

    Thank you for reading that crap so that I don't have to. :)


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