Monday, April 27, 2009

And today on World Nut Daily...

We find out that the right-wing hate radio hosts are wetting their pants over the possibility of having to give equal time to the targets of their hate. Note that you do *not* find any left-wing talk show hosts (the few who exist) ranting over the possibility of giving equal time to the targets of their shows... indeed, most go ahead and do so as a matter of course. Rather, it's the right-wingers who are peeing their pants over the possibility that if they, say, bash gay people, they might be required to give equal time to someone from the Human Rights Campaign...

Of course, this just goes to show the whole intellectual bankruptcy of right-wing hate radio in the first place. They can only exist because their wealthy patrons have purchased the public airwaves and will not allow other voices on those airwaves, because if there were other voices on those airwaves, then their message of hate would not work. Remember, you can only hate that which you do not know. If you interact with a gay person on a daily basis, it is hard to hate gays. Hate radio's scream-mongers can operate only because they can keep their audience ignorant. If their audience actually got to hear a real-life Muslim or gay or Mexican immigrant or whatever talking about their life, why, their audience might decide not to hate those people. Gasp! No wonder the right-wing hate-mongers are wetting their pants so much about that possibility!

-- Badtux the "Right wing intellectually bankrupt?" Penguin


  1. The right-wing bores me, some rants everyday about every little step the communist fascist socialist liberal pigs make. YAWNNNNN!

    off-topic: Dude, have you seen the covers this guy plays, awesome guitar playing:

  2. I get what the right wingers say about the fact that they should not be forced to have something on their show they do not want, but how is it they all seem to forget the part about the airwaves belonging to ALL of us, not just those rich enough to buy out stations? Maybe they think that the airwaves belonging to the public is just too much like socialism. Then again, maybe they're just a**holes.

  3. One of the left-wing radio talkers I listen to, Thom Hartmann, regularly interviews right-wingers from the American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, James Imhofe's office and similar groups. He's even had John Bolton and Richard Perle. He questions them sceptically, but politely, instead of going on flaming tirades the way an angry partisan like me would. That's why they come on his show, and avoid others.

    Hartmann's point is that it's important to hear what the other side is saying; to know their mindset. I sometimes pay attention to what they're saying, but usually it infuriates me because it's either Ayn Randian bullshit, lies like global warming denial, or evasions of the questions. Rarely does a reich-winger have anything to say that's truthful or shows insight. I much prefer the approach of my favourite left-wing radio talk show host, Mike Malloy, whose slogan is "Have I told you tonight how much I hate these people?"

    Which is just what the reich wing says, from the opposite side of the political fence. And so we keep talking past each other, until the day we start shooting AT each other.

  4. I've already mentioned this before. There is plenty of AM airspace to be bought out there. I live in the west, so maybe we have more empty airwaves then you do, but I think you're "rich right-wingers" bit is hot air.

    And you're also attacking strawmen. I can see how not loving the gay-lobby can seem like hate to you, but you're attitudes like "Rush Limpdick" and "WordNutDaily" sound like hate to me. So tell me, do you hate right wingers? I personally do not hate gays nor do I hate liberals, even if I disagree with parts of their agenda.

    From where I stand, very few mainstream conservative pundits hate gays. You've got M. Savage, that's all I can think of. In my market, conservative thought is very pro freedom for everyone including gays. I think you're attacking a straw man. I'd like you to show me the statement of a Limbaugh or a Hannity that is hateful of gays (using the definition of actual hate, not disagreement of an agenda).

    I am pro Muslim, pro-legal immigrant (and am willing to greatly increase the number of visas AND willing to grant some sort of amnesty).

    I'm glad you love making friends with diverse peoples. I hope you include ideological diversity in your quest.

    P.S. Hartman has his niche. He does what brings in the ratings. You can see that Bukko probably wouldn't be in his audience. Well Limbaugh does what brings in his ratings. I like to listen to Mike Rosen. If you gave one half hour of your time to listening to Rosen you'd see how much he breaks your stereotype.

    Here is a clip of him recently talking about your favorite topic (the fairness doctrine)

    Mike Rosen


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