Monday, April 20, 2009

Outrage junkies

Outrage is the only emotion the tighty righties have. There must be a constant supply of outrages for them to get red-faced and angry about, or otherwise they're not satisfied. So what is the latest thing that the tighty righties are getting outraged about? Well, a brief glance at Google News and World Nut Daily shows that they're getting outraged about... torture.

No, no, not about the fact that torture violates the Geneva Conventions and all human decency. Not about the fact that the Bush Administration tortured Khalid Shaikh Mohammed by waterboarding him 183 times (and if waterboarding is so goddamned effective at getting good information out of a suspect, why the fuck did we have to waterboard this asshole 183 times before deciding we'd gotten everything he knew?). But, rather, because the Obama administration released the torture memos allowing this torture, and therefore clued in the terrorists as to what tactics were allowed (past tense since Obama banned torture), thereby harming national security.

Which is another "WTF?!". We've released poor sods who were tortured this way after determining that they were just harmless cab drivers or whatever who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They know what was done to them. They've told everybody at home what was done to them. The only thing not known is whether the torturers had legal cover from administration officials, or were doing it all on their own (the "few bad apples" defense). So now we know: the Bush Administration officially had torture as an official policy. How the fuck can that jeopardize national security, when the terrorists already know what's being done?

But wait, I forgot. It's all about tighty righties covering their ass and trying to hide what they did from the American people. It's like Richard Nixon's "secret" bombing of Cambodia. The Cambodians sure the fuck knew they were getting bombed. But it's all about hiding that information from the American public, disappearing it down the memory hole for the next election. And now Obama is shitting on their plan to hide what they did. Well fuck these vicious criminal assholes and the goddamned horses they rode in on. If there was a God, if there was any justice in this world, they'd all be swinging from the ends of ropes like the war criminals that they are, just like the German and Japanese war criminals who tortured our GI's during WWII. Sad to say, they will die rich and happy in their sleep just like that fucking ratbastard Richard Nixon, because there is no justice, and there is no God. But at least we can shit on their graves by releasing these torture memos so that everybody knows just what kind of craven, criminal, inhumane bastards these scum really are. There is no justice, and there is no God, but at least there is some small satisfaction in seeing just how low, just how evil these "people" are. We must take our satisfaction where we can get it, I suppose... no matter how much these war criminals squawk about it.

-- Badtux the Rude Penguin

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