Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kibble monsters

I was away for three days. I left the monsters enough kibble in their dish for five days. The dish was absolutely empty when I got back thirty minutes ago.

They aren't big-boned. They're fat. And now you know why.

-- Badtux the Kibble-monster-owned Penguin


  1. I would imagine that they are acting like you starved them too.

  2. My Grandparents used to do the same thing with their cat when they went on vacation, get a fifteen pound bag, cut it open,and leave.
    There was a creek out front so water wasn't a problem.
    They would leave a five pound cat and come back to a twelve pound cat.
    The thing was a phenominal hunter but the feed bag would always be empty and the cat pitching a fit that it was starving, even though it could barely walk.

    Too funny.

  3. It gets boring in a house with no human to dominate. So we eat. It's your fault.


    The kats

  4. Yes, with cats it's always the humans' fault. A bird is chirping at the cat from the other side of a window? It's the humans' fault, and he will complain to the human that the human should bring the bird closer. A spider crawling across the ceiling, far beyond the cat's ability to get it? Again, the humans' fault. Cat runs out the door into a snowstorm and skids across the ice-covered front stoop? Ah yes, the expression the cat gives you as he turns around and hustles back into the house... it's the human's fault.

    It's almost like Republicans when there's Democrats about, where everything's Democrats' fault. Heh.

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


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