Monday, April 20, 2009

A question

Why do cats barf only on things they think are valuable and/or useful?

Thus far today Mencken has barfed on:

  • the antenna issue of QST magazine
  • Some metal exercise weights
  • the top of my suitcase (which is still sitting on the floor from my trip, getting unpacked).
  • The kitchen floor, in front of the sink.
I don't know why he has suddenly gone into barf-o-matic mode, but his choice of places to barf certainly seems to suggest he's making a statement about my abandonment of him during my recent trip...

-- Badtux the Puzzled Penguin


  1. Well if pet psychiatrists are to be believed, the cat very well may be showing his/her displeasure at your absence. Then again, maybe the kitty is just screwing with you, which is what I would put my money on.

  2. You've got bad cats. Ours throw up here all the time, probably because of the kangaroo-based cat food here, since they almost never did this in S.F. But only ONCE have they ralfed on the expensive wool Persian rug. Maybe they have good taste in furnishing. "Queer Eye for the Vomit Cat."

  3. When cats barf on your bed or your pillow THEN they are making a statement!!

  4. Do ( did ) you have any house plants ? They are always a favorite barf initiator . Also the little beggars might have scarfed so much food when you were gone that the refill on your return set them off . As to where they rolf , you have to figure a cat is only doing something like that to get your attention and of course on your prized stuff gets the most of your attention . Maybe try half filling the bowl when you get back so they can't gorge again .
    Damn cats are nuthing but trouble in a cute fuzzy package !
    a cat and dawg owned w3ski
    PS can't leave out the parrot and the goat .

  5. This is pay-back for the "staff" leaving the house for an extended period.

    This is also a warning!

  6. Mencken needs some Laxatone. Helps with the hairballs this time of year.

    'owner' of 3 cats...

  7. Mine can never puke on the linoleum -- you know -- where it might be easy to clean up. No, it's gotta be on the carpet, on my comforter or pillow...



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