Saturday, April 11, 2009

Been a busy day...

Sold my KLR today, and now I'm putting some wider fender flares onto my Jeep. I was afraid that I'd gotten flares that were too wide, but they seem to be just right. The only real pain is the rear flares, since you have to remove the plastic fender liners and the fender liners have those %!@# one-time use plastic button fasteners that Detroit loves so much (as vs. the reusable ones that are used to hold the plastics onto my Suzuki). So I'm just ripping those guys out and replacing them with zip-ties or with nut/bolt/fender washers depending upon how accessible the holes are. It's not as if the plastic fender liners are a structural part of the Jeep anyhow, they're just intended to keep mud out of the area behind the wheels where the wiring for the lights and the emissions gear all live...

Earlier today, The Mighty Fang let out a horrific howl as if in agonizing pain. I was, like, "What? What?!" but he refused to answer me. Finally he puked up two different balls of... chewed-up rubber bands.

Yes, rubber bands! Apparently, after mugging the guy who came in to buy my bike (poor guy was trying to fill out the transfer papers, TMF kept rubbing against his hand to get petted, which sort of interfered with things!), he decided to eat the rubber bands off of the Saturday paper. Blasted cat has a fetish for rubber, sigh... he ate part of my spare inner tube for my bicycle, too.

-- Badtux the Wrenchin' Penguin

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  1. Our cats do the same, with the same results. It's better to have them chundering the rubber bands than getting a bowel impaction from them, but still...

    I used to be careless about leaving them lying around. I bring clean elastic bands home from work (they're used to bundle up stacks of "facewashers" -- as washcloths are called here -- on the fresh linen trolleys, and it seems a shame to let them go to waste) -- but Mrs. Bukko has broken me of that habit by making me clean up the resultant cat-ralf.

    I don't know what it is in a cat's evolutionary psychology that would make a chewy artificial stringy substance seem like an attractive foodstuff. They turn their nose up at all sorts of GOOD things I give them, but they gobble rubber bands? Maybe they come across to cats like mouse tails, or the sinews of small furry animals.


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