Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Slippery Slope

This is my first modification to my Jeep. This is the restrictor that was in the factory fog lamps to prevent putting out more light than USDOT allows for fog lights in America (because USDOT thinks Americans have better eyes than the Europeans, apparently -- the fog lights were made by Hella in Europe and are sold without the restrictors there). The fog lights are still fog lights even without the restrictors -- the light pattern is low and broad, when I shine them on a wall they hit the wall about six inches above the ground -- but now they put out more light on the ground rather than being dim as fireflies.

Jeeps are sort of like my KLR motorcycle (the one I added the cruise control to!) in that they're made to be modified. This is a slippery slope, of course. An endless money pit. A perfect example of American consumerism in action. And this trip to the poor house all starts with popping the fog lights open and removing a stupid little piece of metal. Sigh...

- Badtux the soon-to-be-poorer Penguin


  1. Since when do penguins have a "Tim Allen/MORE-POWER" gene? I thought only we hoomans had those?

    Your ride's gonna look like this when you're done:

  2. Ugh. Power tool GOOD! Ugh!

    -- Badtux the Tool Penguin


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