Sunday, December 17, 2006

Random ramblings...

Got a new capo. A Shubb. Simple, compact, accurate, doesn't get in the way (much). That's the way good engineering is supposed to look, not like some mad scientist's labaratory with springs and levers and crap. Immediately got the inspiration to compose a couple of songs (well, between the capo and getting some Townes van Zandt albums in the mail from, and played'em through a couple of times. Didn't write them down before I forgot them though. Pity.

Got an oil pan skid plate in the mail Friday for the Jeep. The directions promise that you can work the driver's side "ear" between the oil pan and the exhaust pipe. Maybe on some Jeeps, but not on mine (there is no such thing as a "standard" exhaust pipe on a Jeep, those things are hand-made on the assembly line by gnomes with big tubing benders who tweak'em to fit). Looks like I'll have to take a die grinder to the ear and cut down the weld a bit to make the teensy amount of room needed to slide it into place. Bummer. Means I'll need to track down someone with a die grinder, since obviously, living in an apartment, I don't have one. While under there, I noticed that Daimler-Chrysler is continuing AMC's tradition of shipping their cars pre-rusted. Plenty of rust under there. Plenty of primitive (but very sturdy!) engineering on display too.

So Dear Leader is talking about sending more troops to Iraq? Armed with what weapons? Every single operational Humvee, Bradley, and M1 tank are currently in Iraq or Afghanistan, as is pretty much near every operational M-16. Everything else is broke down in repair shops from Kuwait to Texas. Hell, we have troubles providing enough fuel and ammo for the troops that are already there. What'er we gonna arm these new troops with -- AK-47's and RPG's? I got a suggestion. There's already a buncha folks armed with AK-47's and RPG's over there in Iraq, they don't need more, just let the current folks runnin' 'round with AK-47's and RPG's run the place instead of some new folks. Hear that, Georgie? (No, of course not, Georgie only hears what he wants to hear).

The cats (remember them?) are wandering around howling at me to feed them. They don't get fed until this evening. The Mighty Fang currently is at 16 pounds, Mencken is at 12 pounds. That's good weights for them. Means I'm feeding them the right amount of food every night before I go to bed. Fat cats are like fat kids. The cat don't feed itself, y'know? And the kid don't cook for for himself, y'know? So why is obesity amongst kids such an epidemic nowdays? Other than lazy, indulgent parents who give in to the yowling rather than making sure their kids eat right?

Anyhow, enough meanderings from this penguin, time to clean house a bit (this place is looking embarrasingly messy, with all these new open boxes all over)...

-- Badtux the Ramblin' Penguin


  1. You got a new capo? A Shubb?

    Hum, have you thought about getting a life? *hugs*

    You must have a lot of money for all these toys, you seem concerned about the world but do you send money to the world food program to help feed people? Juz wondering.

    Jeeps, piece of shit if I ever saw one, where in the hell did you mind go away to?.... LOL

  2. Anybody checked how many body bags are in stock?
    I have a very bad feeling that the number makes some ceo preznit-wit over confident.

  3. Well, BBC, you apparently aren't aware that I've been writing songs for quite a few years. My guitar is an old Yamaha plywood model bought for $100 back in 1988, it has its quirks nowdays but still works so I keep playing it. A Schubb goes for around $15-$20 depending on where you get it, and there's keys where, if you want to play along to your singing, you really want a capo.

    You do know what a capo is, right?

    And yeah, I wonder where my mind went too when I bought that Jeep... oh well, what's done is done, and it's mine for the next few years (or the banks, I should say)...

  4. The new troops will be armed with box cutters. Really, really sharp ones this time.

  5. shubb's are cool. mine are so old i forget what brand they are. one thing i like to do with a capo is to go up very high, and dig that whole "music box" effect.


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