Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Holiday

It has been brought to my attention that the Pastafarians celebrate the winter solstice with a holiday that they call, simply, Holiday.

So, just to make Bill O'Reilly blow a few more fuses: Happy Holiday! And may His noodly appendage touch your heart. Ramen!

- Badtux the not-Pastafarian Penguin

Note: Penguins celebrate the winter solstice in late June, so Tuxologists don't celebrate this time of year the same way as everybody else... Tuxologists believe in celebrating the December summer solstice with beach parties and barbecues. Tuxologists who live in Detroit or Chicago are encouraged to NOT use their barbecue grill at this time of year, though, after several instances where followers of Tuxology had to be removed from their grills by EMT's after wet hands stuck to the controls...


  1. I'm buying Mr. Mixter a gas grill for Holiday! We shall BBQ the winter away!



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