Thursday, December 07, 2006

Needs repeating...

Commenting on a story about how Iraq veterans with PTSD are being abused by the military, Da Fixer gets irate:

The thing that gets me about the whole thing is that we shoulda learned from the "use 'em up and toss 'em out" mindset of Vietnam. A lotta guys brought that war home and it took years for them to get the help they needed. Not just the guys with PTSD but the whole Agent Orange fiasco. We're doing that all over again too with the depleted uranium ammunition, fucking up a generation of youngsters with poisonous shit.

They all can come out to wave the flag when they send you off to war (far be it any of them go along). When you come back fucked up, they don't want to know you.

The Repukes ain't spittin' on our soldiers like liberals supposedly did after Vietnam (albeit said stories are completely apocrophical,backed up by no contemporary accounts of said event happening), but they might as well be.

-- Badtux the Ain't Spittin' Penguin


  1. Everytime I have trouble sleeping I go online and read something else about those shitbirds and how they screw over Americans and then I can't sleep.

  2. having lived thru that 'other war' and personally known the men that came back and how really fucked up they were..i am so sad this is happening again...

    problem is that this 'plan' of theirs ~ using disposable men and now women in the low educational and economical parts of our american society ~ is this

    that the birth defects and sterility that came outta agent orange exposure -- with be multiplied ten-fold in this war...

    and who then will they get to fight more wars or work for less than miniumn wage? when this class of society can't reproduce?

  3. Soldiers are always expendable, on the battlefield and afterwards. Sometimes we do a better job of caring for them after the war (think WWII GI bill) than other times (Vietnam and the current quagmire). I recall some neocon claiming in 2003 that they wouldn't let Iraq war vets bamboozle the country with PTSD claims like the Vietnam vets did. Apparently, this is one element of the neocon strategy that seems to be working as planned.


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