Thursday, December 14, 2006

Name the source of this quote...

Life comes from God and returns to God. All life and all races follow God's ordinances. No people and no race can ignore them. We want the ... youth to again recognize the religious nature of life. They must realize that God wants the individual as well as the whole people, and that they lose contact with life when they lose contact with God! God and nation are the two foundations of the life of the individual and the community. We want no shallow and superficial piety, but rather a deep faith that God guides the world, that he controls it, and a consciousness of the relationship between God and each individual, and between God and the life of the people and the [nation].

Okay, was that Judge Roy Moore, who claims the Ten Commandments are the fundamental law of America? Becky Fischer describing why her "Kids on Fire" camp for bringing kids to Christ (as shown in the film Jesus Camp) is so important?

How about this:

The [Muslim] spiritual leaders of today, the [imans], have ensured that to this day the [Muslim] people is educated in this hatred which the God [Allah] ordained through [Mohammed] [at Mecca]. The [imans] have made this hatred the foundation of what the [Muslims] call their religion. The [Koran] ... page 715, includes this prayer that the [Muslims] in their [mosques] have used to call down the curse of their God [Allah] on [Christian] humanity:

"Bring the worst wars to the homes of the [Christians]. Infect then with smallpox and punish them in your anger and fury. . . . Destroy their kings through war and take revenge upon them. Drive their heads to the ground in your fury!"

Is this Joseph Farrah over at World Nut Daily describing how Muslims want to kill all non-Muslims?

How about this:

The cause of the world's misfortune, however, will be forever eliminated only when [non-Christians] in [their] entirety [are] destroyed.

Tim LaHaye applauding his new video game?

Err, no. All the quotations above are directly from Nazi propaganda, with slight changes (in square brackets or ... for omissions) to disguise the immediate source.

1. "Die Erziehungsgrundsätze des neuen Deutschlands", Frauen-Warte, #22 (1936/37), pp. 692-693.
2. September 1941 article from Julius Streicher's Der Stürmer
3. September 1941 editorial from Der Stürmer

We've seen this shit before, folks. Why do people keep falling for it?!

- Badtux the History Penguin


  1. short fucking memories!

  2. Christians, Muslims, ha, ha, ha, what a joke. It's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around.

  3. Noooooo, it can't happen here!


  4. I don't know. I'm with Sam Harris. Islam sorta does say this. Where I disagree with the propagandists does the Christian Bible. And....the Hindu Nationalists in India. A pox on all religions, and I refuse to "respect" them.


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