Friday, February 10, 2006

Other blog posts of interest

  1. Move the nation's capitol to Fargo, ND. Like Louisiana had to move their state capitol to a sleepy upriver town named Baton Rouge in order to get away from the sin and corruption of New Orleans, perhaps we'd be better off moving the national capitol to some out-of-the-way place too.
  2. The incredible credible threat to America: Hippies.
  3. Mia Culpa: Operation Enduring Vacation
  4. Swerve Left: Christopaths detirmined to finish destroying the pitiful remnants of the U.S. educational system.
  5. Rising Hegemon: New Orleans lies just keep piling up. And at BlondeSense: Bush knew. He just didn't care.
  6. The difference between New Orleans/Louisiana and the Rest of the USA (do click through to the PGR post he previously references).


  1. Thanks for the link! I've reciprocated over at Swerve Left. I enjoyed the crapflooding posts--it's true. We need to require cable news stations to post a noise to content ration for each segment of their show on the bottom of the screen. Of course, a lot of shows, Fox in particular, have essentially NO content so this might be difficult.

  2. Penguin, Thank you for linking to my blog. That WAS AWESOME!!!


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