Friday, February 10, 2006

Die, crapflooders!

To quote Wikipedia: "Crapflooding is the practice of disrupting online media such as discussion websites or Usenet newsgroups with nonsensical, inane, and/or repetitive postings in order to make it difficult for other users to read other postings."

But crapflooding is more than that. Crapflooding is the basis for all of what passes as "political discourse" in America today. The right wing, especially, heavily relies upon crapflooding to make it difficult for people to figure out what's true and what's real. By flooding all avenues of public discourse with their nonsensical talking points and inane repetitive recitations of untruths, they make it virtually impossible for the average American to figure out what's going on. In response, most Americans have simply given up, and believe whatever they're told to believe, because it's just too hard to figure out what's going on when all you hear when you turn on your radio or TV is crap.

Crapflooders, on the day that Great Cthulhu returns, will be the first to be eaten. Which, I suppose, they view as a virtue. After all, the crapflooder's favorite slogan might as well be, What would Cthulhu do?

- Badtux the Irritable Penguin


  1. Please, Penguin. Surely you must know that even an appetite as ravenous as that of Great Cthulhu would be unable to handle the gastric turmoil sure to result from devouring crapflooders.

    Now, Yog-Sothoth, maybe. That sick fucker will eat anything...

  2. Let's see that word get into the Merriam-Webster's dictionary.

    Supply your own illustration...

  3. I await the day. I wonder how much a crapflooder makes? They must be paid, why would they do it, otherwise? Oh, sure, there are some that are just nasty people, but so many?

  4. Well, it seems crap and flooder (within the definition for flood) are already in Merriam-Webster's Online so it is not inconceivable for crapflooders to get their proper listing in the future.


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