Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The new sequel to Brokeback Mountain

Their love was forbidden. They hid it even from themselves. But love, in the end, was something that could not be denied. From Ang Lee, director of Brokeback Mountain, comes his new story of forbidden love:

Brokeback President

Starring George W. Bush as "President Bush", and Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia as "Bandar Bush".

Showing at gas pumps everywhere.

-- Badtux the Hollywood Penguin


  1. That ain't right, dude...

  2. Ain't love wonderful

  3. I guess Bandar's the "oil well" and Dubya's the "refinery." That explains a lot...

  4. The Presidential "package" sure seems excited in that picture, eh?

  5. Does anybody have a picture of Dubya holding hands with his wife?

    Doesn't he usually walk in front of her or do I just imagine that he does?

  6. George just can't quit Prince Bandar.


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