Friday, February 03, 2006

Blogspot died *again*?!

Can't reach all my favorite blogs hosted on Blogspot. Guess I moved off of Blogspot just in time. Sigh!

- Badtux the Lucky Penguin


  1. I could access Dashboard, but couldn't view my blog. Weird.

  2. I'm not having any problems. Sometimes Blogger schedules some maintenance crap, but other than that, I can easily access my account -- and I'm legally computer illiterate. Maybe you ate some bad herring?

  3. You were trying to access my blog, right? Of course you were. I appreciate that you visit my blog often, but sometimes, yes, blogger can be a real bitch! You are quite smart in changing from blogspot. Heh hehheh

  4. Ok, now I see you're on .net, instead of .blogspot

    you should be able to access my blog, now:)

  5. Mimus, I had no problem accessing my account at and am not surprised you had no problem accessing your account on, but when I tried to view your blog, all that happened was that my flag waved and waved. Thinking maybe it was my system at home, I tried it with my system at work too, nada. After a few hours, it cleared up.

    Publishing was doing some weird things at the same time, but stuff did get published to my blog. So it was just more Blogspot weirdness, as far as I can tell. Guess I was right to leave Blogspot, as much as I hate maintaining my own server.

    - Badtux the Web Penguin


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