Thursday, February 02, 2006

The greatest threat to America isn't terrorism

Somehow, I got onto David Horrorwitz's mailing list a long time ago. In case you don't know, David Horrorwitz is a "professional activist" of long standing. He's never held a real job -- his entire career has been leeching off of first left-wing nutballs, then later, leeching off of right-wing nutballs. So from time to time, he sends out EMAIL's begging people to buy his latest forgettable book, or to send him some money, so he can prove to his right-wing masters that he actually does have a viable readership for them to continue to bankroll.

So anyhow, I got this EMAIL, and that's when I found out that he's written a new book about the most horrible, dangerous threat to America. This book tells us that the most horrible, dangerous threat to America isn't terrorism, isn't war, isn't anything to do with violence but, rather, is... college professors.

Yes, college professors! Black ones. Brown ones. One who (horrors!) WORKED FOR THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION! Apparently, these evil diabolical college professors are actually hypnotizing our children. While our children believe they are still watching a lecture, instead, these evil fascist college professors are operating upon our poor innocent little graduate school children, opening up their heads with saws and planting these "fact" things in there ("facts" are left wing, y'know). And at some point in the future... at some point... these "facts" will explode with the force of a nuclear weapon, and KILL US ALL!

So remember, the biggest threat to America isn't the folks who blow up federal buildings, embassies, Navy ships, and major New York landmarks. The biggest threat is (shudder) COLLEGE PROFESSORS with those evil terroristic "fact" thingies!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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  1. You spelled his last name wrong. It's not "Horrorwitz," it's "Horofuckwit."

    He may have crossed over to the other side of the ideological divide. But in terms of his personality, methods, and the zeal with which he pursues the cause of the team he bats for, he's still every bit as much of a wanna-be Maoist Red Guard now as he ever has been.

    Then again, he's typical of the current American right, which has been very successful at adapting the methods of ideological propaganda that Stalin and Mao used.


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