Saturday, February 25, 2006

Brokeback 500 pound penguin

For the guy who typed that as your search term in Google -- what exactly were you looking for?!

- Badtux the *NOT* 500 pound Penguin


  1. I'm not sure what that dude wanted, but I'm positive he got it...

  2. Are those my brains on my keyboard? Ouch! I wasn't drinking coffee but when you snort that abruptly, something has to come out! ohgod.

  3. this being a family blog & all, I can't begin to describe the images that flitted across what I call 'my mind' (& I've been told I don't - mind, that is)..

    And Via, with my (not) mind freshly imagining who knows what.. you may be assured that your comment elicited some strange thoughts too!

    It might be time for a little t.v. I've been thinking too much lately..


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