Sunday, April 08, 2012


So John Derbyshire, the World's Dumbest Conservative Asshole, tries to be, like, racially progressive with a "conversation on race" and makes himself look like a racist moron.

Here's the only conversation that John Derbyshire needs to have with his kids: "Black people are people."

That's it. And his kids, if raised in a multicultural area, would just reply, "Duh!" because they have friends of all races and ethnicities already and that's been true since an early age.

But of course, John Derbyshire's kids weren't raised in a multicultural area, they were raised in a gated community that might as well have had a sign at the entryway saying "no blacks allowed", and not allowed to go out and play with any children of another race because they might get hurt or snatched or something. Because, y'know, there's all those scary brown people out there, and they're all criminals who want to hurt white people, so our precious little white snowflakes must be protected from them, yo...

At which point John Derbyshire chimes in with, "but... but... crime statistics!" Uhm, statistics describe probabilities across an entire population, not probability that any given person is going to do something. 90% of spree killers and mass murderers have been white. But I can assure you that the chance of me becoming a spree killer and mass murderer, considering I have difficulty with killing a cockroach and when dealing with a mouse humanely did catch-and-release to make him someone else's problem, is somewhere between none and zero. Stereotyping all white people as mass murderers because they've historically been the perpetrators of mass murder is wrong. Same deal as stereotyping all black people as thugs. People are people, and you have to deal with the person in front of you, not the stereotype. Just sayin'.

-- Badtux the Un-stereotypical Penguin


  1. It's all part of growing up and being British...

    Or based on his earlier writings Derby is just a raging bigoted asshole.

  2. I read Derbyshire's whole list. Brain bleach please.

  3. Derb is now a fired asshole, though the Conservative Welfare Commission is no doubt looking for a new position for him. A pity they won't let us have some input on that.

    As for you sir. You may well be a mass murderer. It is well known what happens when you put a penguin into a school of herring.

  4. Montag, the new position I envision for Derb involves heads and posteriors. And while I may certainly be a mass murderer of innocent fishies and other food animals, that is the extent of the carnage for which I will ever be responsible.

    Nunya: You have a stronger stomach than me. I stopped at the first really offensive thing he said.

    Grung E, the Brits certainly aren't above a spot of wog bashing, wot. Just goes to show that racism isn't the exclusive purview of inbred buck tooth white trash cretins from the American South.

    - Badtux the Disgusted Penguin


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