Sunday, April 15, 2012

My new offroad vehicle

This one uses a bit less fuel than my other one ;). It's a Scott Scale 29 Comp, it was pretty much the lightest 29" mountain bike in its price class.

So I've been busy today, bike shopping then bike riding (heh!). Hope you had a nice Sunday too.

-- Badtux the Two-wheelin' Penguin


  1. The Jeep and the bike seem color-matched. Was that intentional, or just luck?

  2. ???
    The bike is black. The Jeep is green.

    - Badtux the not-color-blind Penguin

  3. 29"? Are you like, eight ft. tall?

  4. Fat 29" tires is the new craze in mountain bikes. I'm not crazy about it, because it seems to me sort of faddish, like 8-track tapes and laserdiscs, but the only 26'ers they sell are women's bikes. Bike stores simply don't stock men's bikes with anything other than 29" wheels. The actual frame itself, however, is the same size as on the old 26" bikes, you can't see it behind the front sprocket but the tubes from the rear wheel actually drop down to the crankset to put the crankset at the same height off the ground that it'd be on a 26" bike.

    And yes, I'm taller than the average penguin ;).

    - Badtux the Bicycling Penguin

  5. If you start spending more time with your bike will it make your Rubicon cross?

    1. Probably not, because the bike is for going places the Rubicon isn't allowed to go in the first place.


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