Monday, April 09, 2012

What Easter means to me

I needed gas, and Costco was closed.

That is all.

-- Badtux the Non-observant Penguin


  1. I brought an appropriate dessert to our gathering - Carrot Cake. I came home with most of it - care to guess what will be part of my breakfast for the rest of the week?

  2. What it means to me is mo' money. I was off for Good Friday, but I worked Easter Sunday -- 8 hours at $60+ per -- and am doing a midnight shift on Monday, which is a statutory holiday here, so I'll pull time-and-a-half from 1930 until 2400. No doubt that's just average wages for an in-demand engineeropenguin, but it's a happy holiday egg for me. Not that I care all that much, though. We're well-set financially, and the only reason I look at my paycheque stub is to see how many holiday hours (what America calls "vacation") I've built up. It's a good feeling to not have to care about money, as I'm sure you know. I wish more of my formerly fellow Americans could share the joy.

  3. I used the occasion as an excuse to cook a leg of lamb. It destroys my diet so I eat it rarely -- but what could be more appropriate to celebrate spring?

  4. Shit, did I miss Easter again?

  5. Phil - my reaction exactly when I drove up to the Costco to get gas and... nobody around? WTF?!

    Karen - PIZZA!

    Bukko, yes, I saw that penguin quite some time ago. And yeah, my mother worked pretty much every holiday while I was growing up for that same reason -- we needed the money and the time and a half helped.

    Marc-- Rabbits do like carrots. Why didn't your relatives? I am baffled!


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