Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Romneybot vs. the Obamanator

Talking about Sick Rick, that's the November contest, since Mr. Man on Dog quit, after polls said he'd lose his home state of Pennsylvania big-time to the Romneybot. So in the fall, we have the Romneybot vs. the Obamanator. What a contest. I'm gonna have such a hard time deciding who to vote for... will I vote for the soulless robot from planet Sociopath? Hmm.

It will be so appropriate getting robo-calls from the Romneybot campaign this fall...

- Badtux the "So long, Ricky!" Penguin


  1. I gotta go with the Obamanator on this one. Given the choice between continuing to stagger half-blind through this century and taking a running jump off a cliff into the 15th, I'll choost the former every time...

  2. Jim put it very well, but one slight correction. The jump is to the 12 century, not he 15th.


  3. I wonder if each candidate, who are both representatives of the 1%, will say "Vote for me, because that other guy is a lackey of the 1%!"

  4. We'll have to see, Bukko. Now that Romney has no opponents he can do that infamous shift to the left that GOP candidates always do around this time, and hope that shutting up about contraceptives for a few months will make women forget he ever basically agreed that women who use contraceptives are sluts. Though frankly, I don't think the Romney has any beliefs (other than "making money by gutting profitable companies for personal gain is good"), just calculations. Hmm, sounds a bit like Richard Nixon when I say it like that...

    - Badtux the "Hmm" Penguin


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