Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Rules

Okay, so let's say you're young military men, or sorta-military men, in an exotic foreign locale. Now I'll tell you right now that patriotic young men in an exotic foreign locale, it's just sorta expected that they're gonna do some flag wavin', if ya know what I mean. Nobody ought to be surprised about that. Ya got young horny guys who got a pistol and a gun, at some point in time they're gonna put down that pistol and perk up that gun, if ya get my drift.

But man, there's some rules about that sorta thing, rules that aren't written down, but that have been around since George Washington's troops were tramping around Pennsylvania and New Jersey tryin' to keep away from the British. First of all, you do it sorta discrete. You don't do the flag-wavin' at your own motel, for cryin' out loud! Next, don't stiff the local talent. That's bad form ugly American territory and always trouble, especially when the local talent has the cops on the payroll. And finally, they know rule #2 too, meaning they're gonna charge you out the yazoo for their services. If you can't deal with that, Kleenex are a man's best friend. Just sayin'.

Youngsters today. Just no respect for time-honored rules and tradition. Harumph!

-- Badtux the Patriotic Penguin


  1. Another rule:

    Downtime comes AFTER the mission is done. Advance scouting is well and fine, but it is done on the down low, not in the middle of the proverbial public square.

  2. Good point about that one :). I'm not quite sure what their mission was -- they may have actually finished doing what they arrived to do -- but one thing's clear: They fscked up. Literally. Badly. Heh.

    - Badtux the Fsck-up Penguin

  3. Again, it's the burning level of stupid that amazes me. The SS is supposed to be the elite, the smartest cops in the crowd, eh? But are these guys fcking retarded, or what? Maybe I'm more sensitized to it these days, but stuff like this, and things that have happened with friends in the U.S., and the general trend in the country overall, makes me wonder if there has been an outbreak of lead poisoning, or something in the food supply that's killing massive amounts of brain cells. Idiocracy is coming on faster than flesh-eating bacteria.

  4. The Secret Service is recruited from military or criminal justice grads with pristine records and references. Believe me, their computers are tracked down to the last nipple slip video before they get their security clearance. Foreign born wives and girlfriends are also a major no-no.

    So there are two options here: 1) guys who've never done anything officially wrong since they were eleven suddenly go off the reservation or 2) some higher up gave them a wink and a nudge and told them it would be overlooked. I'm betting on #2. I would also bet that the higher up in question was around when male-prostitute Jeff Gannon was given a White House press pass in the Bush administration.

    This is NOT their first rodeo you can bet on it.

  5. This will go on and on because merka loves its swill.

    It seems to me with using how many girls there were and it could even be one more - possibly and they have to be talked to. People headed down to do that. Will there be deals worked out?

    Ya it seems to me there is some blame shifting going on here.

  6. Well, if there wasn't any "stiffing the ..." no big deal, then?

  7. WhiteRose, if these guys had paid the girls the going rate (see #3) and had done the deed somewhere other than at their own hotel (the swank kind of place that does *not* appreciate call girls and drunks in its halls!), we woulda never heard about it. Happens every day, somewhere around the world.

    Pangolin, these guys are recruited from preppy colleges where brutality and a code of silence cover up misdeeds. Ivy League types are accustomed to being unaccountable and above the law, the same attitude you see amongst Wall Streeters, who are also recruited from the Ivys. My guess is that the military types just went along for the ride here, and that the Ivy Leaguers were the ones who went all Animal House on a posh hotel.

    One Fly, the House *has* to hold hearing so those uptight Republican assholes can jerk off beneath their desks as they hear all the salacious details. Better solution would be to fire the jerks who stiffed the talent, fire their boss who was supposed to be keeping tabs on them, and move on. But that'd be too easy.

    Bukko, see my response to Pangolin. These SS types are recruited from the Ivys, and have been accustomed since they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth to being unaccountable and above the law. It's the same attitude we see on Wall Street, where they ass-raped the American economy and nobody goes to jail, so maybe they're right. Except the SS ain't Wall Street, which has us by the balls 'cause they control the money supply, and if we put'em into jail, they threaten to collapse the money supply to the point where it can be drowned in a kiddie pool. So they may be getting a rude awakening 'round about now...

  8. They should have been discreet, too.

  9. You do remember Neil Bush here in my hometown of Bangkok, right? "Whaddya mean these girls don't just like me for who I am>" Or a shorter version, to quote the movie Arthur:" "YOU'RE A HOOKER???? I THOUGHT I WAS JUST DOING GOOD!"


    Tho' I should think these lads smarter and more informed than the Bush lad...

  10. Expat, I would consider a pet rock to be smarter and more informed than the Bush lad. As well as more loyal and lovable :).

    Jim, yah, you caught me on that one, heh. Hey, it passed spell check! :).

    - Badtux the Embarrassed Penguin

  11. For guys who have to interact with the local establishment anywhere in the world that POTUS goes, you would think they would have a better handle on ALL the local customs. Unless they were set up by the local CIA station, office politics being what they are.

  12. This is just stupid funny..
    Why can't ya just keep your rocket in the pocket and do your fuckin job...ya dipnit's

  13. And when it's all said and done THIS is what garnered the lion's share of media attention, instead of the Summit of Americas multitude of mas caca trade deals. Hmmmmm.


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