Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blogger definitely bloggered

Posts are *not* getting published as scheduled. People are whining about this on the Blogger "support" forums, but as usual the Google children in their play-skool environment over in Mountain View aren't responding in any way, they're too busy shaking their baby rattles and playing with their colored blocks apparently and besides Googlers think customers have cooties. Anyhow, it's the typical Google response to problems -- stonewall until you can't, obfuscate until you can't, and then, quietly, some weeks later, actually fix what you broke. All about CYA, not about customer service, unless by "service" you mean what a stallion does to a mare.

So why do I stick with Blogger? Two reason:

  1. Mortality. If I buy a domain, it dies when I die. I'm arrogant enough to
    think my drivel shouldn't die when I die.
  2. Business size. Google isn't going out of business anytime soon, unlike, say,, and even if they do, it's easy enough to export everything from Blogger to, say,, when the time is right to do that.
So I keep putting up with the Googlebots and their stupid notions of how to run a business, notions that seem to work only because their search engine advertising gives them a bottomless pit of money to play with. Maybe some day Google will grow up and start acting like a real company instead of a bunch of spoiled brat children, but (shrug). So it goes.

-- Badtux the Boggered Penguin


  1. Yup to one & two. Considering the (monetary) cost it's probably worth it.

  2. I'm arrogant enough to think my drivel shouldn't die when I die.... Exactly !!!

    You could move your blog to Wordpress but you would just run into the same problems over there, these damn geeks that create these sites just have to keep 'improving your experience'. Fucking geeks, fucked up the look and feel of my dashboard, it's always a new learning curve with these fucking geeks and they didn't make a damn thing easier.

    But at least my posts are popping up when they're supposed to, lets be thankful these damn geeks can't reprogram our cars every time they get a notion to.

  3. Come to think of it, you're one of those damn geeks that's always improving our experience. So how is that working out for you?

  4. Be bold and self host a Wordpress site. When you die, your site dies -- mainly because you stopped paying for it.

    You can be in control of the entire thing, from design to content.

    Blogger gave me gas when I started blogging. I think it actually got worse when Google got involved, but by that time I had moved on first to Movable Type and then the ground floor with Wordpress on DreamHost.

    Besides with all the music I have, Blogger would NEVER work for me.


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