Thursday, April 12, 2012

In the dark

Sitting in the dark typing into my iPad. Wind, rain here in the Sillycone Valley took out power to several hundred homes, including mine. I hope it comes back on soon, because my furnace is useless without power and it will start getting cool enough to pull out my sleeping bag...

Actually, not exactly in the DARK, since I have plenty of flashlights and batteries plus a crank radio/flashlight...

Badtux The Prepared Penguin

Update: Power came back on at about 10:47PM. Yay!


  1. More like BadTux- the Prepared Penguin.

  2. Post corrected ;).

    - Badtux the Well-prepared Penguin

  3. I miss the functionality of the 60's-tech house I grew up in. The gas stove and stovetop worked fine, as long as the pilot light was still lit. The water heater kept water hot without electricity, as well. Even the thermostat worked without electricity... by using a drop of mercury to connect two leads which somehow made a circuit WITHOUT the power being on... and yet it worked fine. (Seriously, how did that work? Static electricity? I know there wasn't any kind of battery in there. It drove me crazy, as a kid!)

    I now have friends and family who can't use their TOILET more than once when the electricity is out.

  4. A car battery will run my LED lights for a month if the grid is down that long, before it needs to be recharged. And if need be I can move into the 5th wheel where I have propane heat.


    That is all.


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