Friday, June 10, 2011

A word of advice for Miley Cyrus

Teen pop tart Miley Cyrus recently butchered Nirvana's classic song "Smells Like Teen Spirit on tour. Now, Miley can't sing worth a lick, is so tone-deaf that her auto-tune starts smoking by the end of a set from the furious work needed to sort of put her back in key, and has the same screechy whiney voice as Emily Litella. She has about as much business covering Kurt Cobain's ode to nihilism and enui as Perry Como has covering the greatest hits of Marilyn Manson. But that did not stop her, she bravely waded into the fray and promptly butchered the song, completely missing the point.

My advice to Miley Cyrus: Do not ever appear at any function that Courtney Love is at. Because Courtney will bitch-slap you until you're singing about your achey-breaky head for mangling her man's song, yo.

-- Badtux the Snarky Music Penguin


  1. I'm sure some Disney exec thought it would be cute for her to sing about "Teenagers."


  2. Or Courtney could simply kill her and make it look like suicide...

  3. That would only work if Courtney were in the same city. If Courtney was, say, in Los Angeles, and MIley was in Seattle, I don't see how she could work it. But I don't think anybody would weep too badly (other than Achy Breaky Hunk himself) if Miley ended up somehow unable to sing due to having her larynx ripped out or somethin'. Just sayin'.

    - Badtux the Vicious Penguin

  4. Whoa - bad analogy, Tux.

    Perry Como did a lot of schlock, but at least he could sing.

    Here he covers Chabrier's Espana - sort of . . .

    Miley has no business covering anything by anybody.

    I've had to watch some of her shit on TV with my pre-teen granddaughters. (Good new is they eventually outgrow her.) The bitch's acting is even worse then her singing. (Now I'll never get a job with MSNBC)



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