Sunday, June 26, 2011

Woodies on the Wharf

A parade of classic cars mostly from the 30's, 40's, and 50's. Shot yesterday in 1080p on the Santa Cruz Wharf but unfortunately iMovie choked on making a video of this length in 1080p.

Fifty years from now, we won't see a parade of classic cars from the 2010's. I'll discuss why, later.

-- Badtux the Car Penguin


  1. 'Till her daddy took the T-Bird away'

  2. Because noone is making those ancient chips for the electronics any more?

  3. MandT, these cars predate the Beach Boys :).

    Stu, electronics can be replaced with newer electronics that do the same thing. The problem is that *everything* is electronics in the new cars -- the shifter, the gas pedal, the brakes, *everything*. What this basically means is that you can no longer do, e.g., engine swaps -- most of those old cars were running newer engines and transmissions, some even running fairly recent fuel-injected engines from the 'Oughts. That's possible because the engine/transmission computer is on a separate harness. But the new stuff is a *system*. There is individual wheel speed sensors and a steering wheel position sensor, for example, that feeds into the anti-skid protection in the computer that in turn cuts engine power and applies brakes as needed to help correct for the skid it's detecting. You can't just take an engine and computer out of one car and put it into another car anymore, everything goes crazy because every car has different sensors that the computer needs to operate.

    So anyhow, more details on Moto-Tux as soon as I get some time...

    - Badtux the Car Geek Penguin


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