Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back from Santa Cruz

When I went out to the Wharf to eat lunch, I ended up in the middle of a classic car show -- the North American Woodies Club doing their annual Woodies on the Wharf event! I shot video of the parade as the classic cars left the wharf, iMovie is currently generating thumbnails and will let me patch it all together shortly, then I'll upload it to YouTube. Given that I'm using American Internet rather than, say, South Korean Internet, expect it to actually make it to YouTube sometime next week. (Well, actually, maybe later tonight, it all depends on how long it takes to patch the video together, it was shot in three pieces due to the way they staged things).

UPDATE @ 9:38PM: Movie is stitched together. iMovie is saying it's going to take an hour to export it to a mpeg, then it'll probably take another hour to upload it to YouTube. So try back tomorrow for the Woodies on the Warf parade.

-- Badtux the Beached Penguin

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