Tuesday, June 07, 2011

So it WAS Wiener's weiner

Huh. Who woulda thunkit.

What is it with pols sending photos of their, err, parts, to other women?

- Badtux the Never-tempted-to-do-that Penguin


  1. Do women folks ever send pics of their VJJ's?

  2. If so, they've never sent it to *me*. Maybe that just means I'm a boring person :).

    - Badtux the LOL Penguin

  3. "Maybe that just means I'm a boring person :)."

    Or maybe it means that there's nothing particularly visually attractive about either sex's "thing," and most women understand that but some men don't. I was certainly never tempted to send that sort of thing. Faces... now faces are a different matter...

  4. excess of power.

    at least in their mind.

  5. Technically, it was his wiener, weiner is someone who squeezes grapes.

  6. Best advice I've heard is you don't send a picture of your genitalia to anyone who hasn't already seen them in person. Than it can be like a fond memory, if you're lucky.

    As Stephanie Miller said, it's not like a bouquet of flowers.



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