Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Busy penguin

Been *swamped* with work. Hopefully only for another week or two. We'll see.

Meanwhile, my new Sony Cybershot DSC-HX100V camera got here today, after three weeks of waiting (yes, it's still backordered, despite having been introduced six months ago!). So I charged the battery and, of course, took a couple of photos using the "super-duperly intelligent auto" setting:

Hmm, The Mighty Fang looks mighty shiny! One thing that peeved me about my old Panasonic Lumix is that it just didn't make TMF look shiny. If you want good processing, you need a real camera company like Minolta doing your design, not some consumer electronics nimrods. (Okay, so the Minolta name no longer exists, but the Minolta genes show).

Menken on his throne says "bah humbug" to this whole photography thing. Hmm, he's looking a bit yellowish. I think he needs a bath. Uhm, hey you, over there, I'll pay you $20 to give Mencken a bath... hey, where you going? Hey? Where'd everybody go?!

-- Badtux the Not-goin'-there Penguin


  1. TMF does show well in that pic.

    RE: washing cats: it costs $40 for a shorthaired cat wash/dry/comb by the groomer who works for my vet. I took Rocky's massive 18-lb self in for a cleanup a couple of weeks ago, since he's so fat he has trouble cleaning himself. Wonderful results! Also the groomer said he was well-behaved for her; he would have torn me apart. She must have some magic formula.

  2. Oh my, $40 to get a cat washed. Thanks for giving me that dose of reality. Guess I'll just have to don a thick shirt and pants and do it myself, sigh... at least I put one of those wands on a hose in the shower last month.

    Yes, TMF is indeed a happy shiny fat kitteh, and that photo makes him look as shiny as he actually is. And no, I don't put anything on him to make him shine, he shines all by himself :).

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


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