Monday, June 06, 2011

A note to old people

If you vote for Paul Ryan to eliminate Medicare for all of us under age 55 because his plan protects your Medicare, we will vote to eliminate Medicare for you too, because "I got mine and fuck you" is an attitude that gets the same back in return. Us younger folks pay into Medicare because we'll get it when we become old farts too. If you vote to ban it for us, hell no we won't pay... you saying "let them eat cake" to all us younger folk is *not* going to go unnoticed or unpunished. Just sayin'.

-- Badtux the Vicious Penguin


  1. Jeez, Badtux, as an old person, I was going to ask how dumb do you think we old farts are, but realized that some of us are really, you know, pretty damned stupid, which is, I suppose, why there's a Rep. Ryan (and his slimey ilk) in congress in the first place.

  2. Here's another old fart. Please note that when polled we geezers oppose (by a goodly margin) fucking over the next generations.

    Yes, some of my fellow geriatrics are idiots -- not a surprise but there are plenty of idiots to go around. We don't have a monopoly.

  3. I swear to share my cat food with Mr. Penguin!

  4. I have never known one single old person... and I'm speaking as an old person myself... who even remotely considered screwing younger generations regarding Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

    We were taught that SS and Medicare are a contract across generations, and we have no intention of tampering with that. Our parents' generation paid for our grandparents' benefits. We paid for our parents' benefits. You paid for our benefits. And the next generation must pay for your benefits. Any serious attempt to disrupt the system will result in all hell breaking loose in the streets, and I'll be right out there with my pitchfork and torch if they actually pass substantive changes to the system.

    BadTux, even to come up with the notion, you must have been hanging around too many old and wealthy Republicans lately. Try to choose companions not so ill-disposed toward you and your generation!

  5. Count this geezer in on your side Tux. When you get down to it, 55 is about the time you realize that you can't take on the youngsters anymore. That's why we get crisp new dollar bills and those envelopes with the oval hole. We want you on our side.

  6. Speaking as a bloody-minded old woman, I would very much like to see Social Security and Medicare stopped immediately for one calendar year's duration. Perhaps during that calendar year some of the more hopelessly stupid would die off and the survivors might yank their heads out of their asses and come to grips with reality. This solution would be beneficial for those in their 30's as they could make a choice to pay the medical bills for their parents and grandparents or let'em die. I expect it would be instructive for some of the parents to watch their children make that financial decision concerning their medical bills.

    Yes, I know, not all old people are dribbling idiots but there sure are enough of them in Ye Old Tea Party that I would forego my SS and M-Care for one year just to get to count the survivors.

  7. My mom is one of those stupid old people Tux talks about, so I agree with him. She's not FOR screwing the young people, but she has totally bought into the Republikkkan rhetoric about how teh eeeeeeevil deffysit is the biggest problem since sliced WMDs. So she's for budget cutting; she just doesn't make the connection that there will be consequences.

    She is getting her own S.S., survivors' benefits from my dad's S.S., plus my dad's Army pension and medical care from the government. Every penny that she has ever had in her life has come from a government, through my dad's military and civil service careers and her job at a governemtn hospital. But she hates the government. She feels guilty about how much money she gets, because she's rolling in government dough.

    But ask her to give up any of it ahd she says "NO!" Her rationale is that the more government cheques she gets, the more money she can give to charity. Republikkkans are full of contradictions and hypocrisy, but when you call them on their shit, their heads explode from the cognitive dissonance and they get angry at you for introducing them to reality.

  8. Holy Cow BT! Yet another geezer here and The only old people I know who would even think of supporting Ryan's mishmash of baby food and giraffe crap are those old Teapers who are either independently wealthy and have no need for the system or those for whom the Kool-Aid has worked.

    The GOP's plans may not affect me (yet) but I have kids in their 40s and late 30s who would be devastated by them. How stupid would I have to be not to do my best to keep the sharks from eating you guys?

  9. I've got your back, 'Tux. This ol' coot ain't gonna be happy until everyone has Medicare.


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