Sunday, June 19, 2011

Overheated penguin

It was 86F outside at noon. Don't even want to know what it is right now. I cold-soaked the house last night so it's still fairly comfortable right now, but it's heat-soaking right now from the outside in. Time to figure out how to install the air conditioner I bought Friday afternoon, methinks...

-- Badtux the Not-heat-lovin' Penguin

Update: The air conditioner is installed and the thermostat set at 78F. Ah, blessed cooleth!


  1. How do you cold-soak a house?

    The inquisitive trombonist

  2. This is a desert climate so it gets up to high 80's during heat waves during the day, but drops into the high 50's at night. So you just open up the house all the way at night and keep a window fan going to make sure all the heat in the house gets exchanged for nice cooleth. Then you shut the house up at sunrise to keep the cooleth in, until the heat soaking in from outside finally makes it in. Because there's a big masonry fireplace in the living room, it's the principle reservoir of coolness during the day, but it has to be cooled down well and good at night for that to work.

    This is of course what everybody living in a warm climate used to do during the summer in the pre-A/C era, but now that everybody has A/C, most folks have forgotten it. So it goes...

    - Badtux the Cool Penguin

  3. I just didn't know the vocabulary.

    My dad taught me how to cold soak a room. Put a fan in the window blowing OUT, open another window, and close off the room. You need to do that to bring air in from the outside, and not the rest of the hot house.

    Sometime in the middle of the night, you wake up freezing.



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