Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Busy penguin

Just now basically got a chance to sit down at ye olde Blogger dashboard, after a long day at work then necessary chores (tomorrow is trash day, meaning I have to do things like, oh, change the cat box 'cause if I don't it'll be another week before there's another trash day and the cats will probably start using my bed as their toilet instead!).

In various news, various crazy people say they're either running for President as a Republican, or thinking of running for President as a Republican. The actual Eisenhower Republican who is President is appalled, appalled I say, at the crazy Tea Bagger House's decision to not pay the nation's bills and thereby turn the United States into the world's biggest deadbeat. I'm preparing for a Jeep trip, but I won't tell you when and where, you'll just have to guess (and you won't be able to guess just because I'm not blogging, because we have a make-or-break deadline coming up at work and if we don't make it, we might as well not show up for work next month because it's over, done, kaput, meaning typical startup hours for most of June). The cats seem healthy and happy, though I'm a bit alarmed in that Mencken has developed sleep apnea and snores like a fat lady up on his pillow on top of the dresser. But he certainly seems healthy enough otherwise, so I don't know what to think. The flowers are all blooming in the garden, the fuchsias are taking over the side yard having now spread about three feet further on each end than they were last year thanks to branchlets rooting where they sagged onto the soil and coming up as independent new fuchsia bushes. Rosie the Rosemary has grown about an inch since she went into the ground, and seems to enjoy her sunny corner of the garden. I *still* haven't planted anything in the bare spot to the left of Rosie. Siiiiiigh! Just busy busy busy...

-- Badtux the Blogging Penguin


  1. You've just given me the mental picture of your cat in a C-PAP therapy mask! Not a pretty picture. Sleep apnea is serious but I have no idea how you would treat a cat for it.

  2. Here in Sonoma County it's the worst allergy season ever....and poor Bodhi Dog is sneezing just like us.

  3. Lots of fuschia should mean lots of hummingbirds!

  4. Yes indeed, I see lots of hummers out my window flittering around the fuchsias...

    BTW, it IS spelled "fuchsia", because it's named after some dude named "Fuch". Even though it's *pronounced "foosheeah". Confusing, I know :).

    - Badtux the Spell Checking Penguin

  5. I wasn't intending to correct your spelling; I hadn't even noticed the difference in spelling. I 'spect I've been spelling it wrong for several decades. :)


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