Wednesday, September 22, 2010

World Nut Daily wants to use YOUR taxpayer money

Yes, that's right, if you're a taxpayer whose tax money supports a state university, World Nut Daily's Joseph Farah wants to use *YOUR* money to solicit funds for political purposes. In today's outrage, World Nut Daily criticizes Grambling University (Ruston, LA) for reminding people that both state and federal law prohibits using taxpayer-funded state facilities (their email system, in particular) for campaign fundraising purposes. My tax money bought that computer (note -- I am a taxpayer in Louisiana), but Joseph Farah wants to use *my* taxpayer-funded computer system for his partisan purposes soliciting funds for various Teabagger and birther-related political solicitations.

This isn't an issue of free speech -- Grambling students and employees are free to send campaign solicitations on their own time from their own Internet mail provider, you can get a Gmail account for free for cryin' out loud. This is an issue of Mr. Farah wanting a free ride on public facilities. In short, this is a case of Mr. Joseph Farah being a WELFARE WHORE, wanting government money (or an email system bought with government money) for free for his own purposes.

Note: I continue my policy of not linking to . If you want to see the nuttiness in Mr. Farah's own batshit-crazy words, you'll need to manually type in the URL and go to it, sorry.

-- Badtux the Tax-paying Penguin


  1. I trust you are not surprised by this.

    Everything is OK if done by a regressitard; nothing is OK if done by a pinko, commie, nazi,four-N, radical-muslum-sympathizing anti-colonialist, or one of his fellow travelers.

    Off-topic, but the econ blogs I read are universal in criticizing Big Ben for his Rip van Winkle performance.


  2. Thanks for covering that JazzB.
    I'll add these people are so blatant anymore they have tried to hide their shit because for the most part they know nothing will happen to them.


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