Monday, September 27, 2010


Working crazy hours recently due to upcoming product launches. Hopefully will get back to normal soon, for some definition of "normal". I don't lack for things to blog about, just time and energy to do it. Siiiigh!

BTW, when I got home about an hour ago it was still 85F outside. Ugh.

- Badtux the Overheated and Tired Penguin


  1. We're climbing back to the 90's again here in Santa Barbara. Getting HOTTER at NIGHT? Wassup with THAT?

  2. Ha ha. In central Texas at midnight here it's 61° & expected to drop into the low 50s before sunrise. We're sleeping with the windows open tonight. Unless we get too *cold*.

  3. Don't ask me, Cookie. It didn't really get acceptable for sleeping here until around 1AM. Until then it was toss and turn in the heat and humidity. I need to just buckle down and figure out some way to air condition my bedroom...

    Dope, yeah, but to get those temps you have to live in Texas. Ba da boom :-).

    - Badtux the Overheated Former Texan Penguin

  4. Be glad you're not in L.A. For climatic reasons as well as many others.

    Up here, the temperature is always mild. I feel guilty about how good it is.


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