Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crazy Joe's unicorn shot

Yeppers, Crazy Joe Farrah, the loonie tunes behind World Nut Daily ("we're batshit crazy like Orly Taitz and our readers are too!"), sent out an email blast proclaiming "I rule Obama is ineligible." Erm, okay. And I rule that Joe Farrah is a unicorn. So let's all wait for him to trot out at his next press conference on four hooves with a horn sticking out of the middle of his forehead, right?

BTW, under the Constitution the House of Representatives decides whether someone is eligible to be President or not, and lays out that the House decides this prior to January 20 of the year the President is supposed to take office. The House decided to seat President Obama back in January 2009, and under the Constitution there are no redos on that decision. But oh wait, I forget, according to Crazy Joe that doesn't count because the House was comprised of Democrats in January 2009, and nothing done by Democrats counts because, well, because. Alrighty, then!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. No link to the loony e-message? I can't be bothered to look around for it. That 14 seconds would be better spent scratching an itchy spot on my ass or something,

    Reminds me of the guy I saw downtown when I stopped for pizza slices after a rock show last week, ranting to no one in particular about how he decreed that "half-Chinese" people were devils. Does Crazy Joe (when I saw the blog-head I thought you meant Lieberman) realize that he comes across as nutty and irrelevant when he writes such shit? Probably not, because he's playing to the cackling kooks who suck up his spewings and rub their hands together saying "What a bold, brilliant guy this is to decree that!"

    Lots of his readers voted in Delaware and New York, eh?

  2. And Crazy Joe sez batshit crazy trumps everything. I'm so glad someone finally made that clear.


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