Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Holy cr*p!

The tallest tower I ever climbed when I was in the electrician biz was about 30 feet tall -- a mere tad of a tower, *only* three stories tall. There was a light on top of it that wasn't working, and it was my job to fix it. Even that teeny tower scared me shitless and was one reason I decided to go to college and get my Computer Science degree.

These guys, however, climb thousand-foot towers *daily*. Talk about some dudes who clang when they walk. And whatever they're being paid, you can guarantee that it ain't enough. Not in a world where rich fuckup can pull in millions of dollars for being CEO's who run companies into the ground based solely upon being winners of the lucky sperm club. I probably make more money than these guys, and all I do is sit in a cubicle slinging bytes around, where the most dangerous part of the job is combatting middle-age penguin rotundity...

-- Badtux the Impressed Penguin


  1. Literally can't watch this. It's been favorited for days, and I drag the slider forward and look at a bit, and drag it forward again and look at a bit... I squirm and pant and sweat. And it actually gets worse the farther along you go.

  2. Yeah, the deal at the top where they're literally on top of it all, climbing a mast about as big around as their legs that has metal spikes sticking out of it, is particularly shudder-inspiring. Though that's pretty much what the very short (30 foot?) mast that I climbed to change the light bulb on top looked like. And believe me, even 30 feet was enough to convince me to not make a career out of climbing masts :).

    - Badtux the Won't-do-that Penguin


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