Saturday, September 25, 2010

Coincidental, I'm sure

According to my email blasts from right-wing news sites, yet another Republican front group funded by insanely wealthy oligarchs, Americans For Restoration, has been formed to deal with "voter fraud" where "voter rolls need to be purged to prevent people from voting twice.". Voter roll purges via sending registered mail to every voter and removing those voters who don't sign for their mail is the only way, they say, to have fair and free elections.

And the fact that the voters purged generally are voters who move often -- young people, poor people, minorities? Well, that's just unfortunate, they say, but the only way to keep people from voting multiple times. Never mind that they can never, ever, provide a single example of a criminal conviction where someone has voted twice. Never mind that there are other ways to keep people from voting twice -- such as the purple finger thing they did in Iraq -- that are just as effective and don't have the side-effect of kicking people off the voter rolls who have a legal Constitutionally-guaranteed right to vote. It's just *coincidence* that of all the methods they choose to make sure people don't vote twice, they choose the *only one* that primarily disenfranchises people (the young, the poor, minorities) who vote for Democrats. Just coincidence, yessiree!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Conservatives have profound contempt for democracy. Always have, always will.


  2. When I saw the word "restoration" the first thing that jumped to mind was the name of the efforet to restore English kings to power after an interlude of plebian rule under Cromwell (who, ironically, would be a Rethuglikkkan today.) Another poorly chosen word like Teabagger. Not that these neo-royalists give a fcuk, because nobody knows history any more.

  3. Well, when I saw Americans for Restoration, I thought they were planning on doing a series of 17th century English comedies like The Beaux' Stratagem or The London Merchant. But that's the theatre scholar in me.


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