Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dealing with this crazy heat

It got into the high 90's here yesterday, but I wouldn't know it. I finally figured out a strategy for using the thermal mass of the tile with its mortar underlay and the massive stone fireplace, which turned out to be ridiculously simple: Shut off the bedrooms during the day. They're on the south side of the house, separated from the rest of the house by closets that themselves have doors, and when I do that it never gets above the low 80's in the living room. So when I pull cool air through the house all evening long with the box fan in the window, it cools down the tile and fireplace, and during the daytime with the house shut up, the tile and fireplace keep things at least reasonable indoors.

Of course, the question "why is it so friggin' hot in late September in the SF Bay area?" still needs an answer... it can't be global warming, because global warming is just a theory, just like gravity.

-- Badtux the Somewhat-overheated Penguin


  1. Hum, it must also that it's just a theory that polar bears are dying because of global warming.

    But this area is unique, it seldom gets very hot here and if it does make it into the 90's it's only for a few days and I love it.

    At the moment it's 61.3 degrees.

  2. It's 60 right now. I don't think it even made 60 yesterday. Thus and Fri were in the 80's.

    Here in MI, anything can happen.

    You have a good practical plan, amigo. Gotta love them window fans.


  3. Evolution is a theory, man. Global warming is a *hoax*.

    Thank me later for clearing that up.

    I played coed soccer Saturday @ 8am. It was 90 before the game was over. And that was a relief after previous games played in the upper-90s or the occasional 100, of which there were fewer this summer thanks to an inordinate amount of rain. No doubt a consequence of that hoax.

    You do pronounce that "HO-ax," right?

  4. I suspect religious fundamentalists call evolution a *hoax* too.

  5. IMHO For the last 10 years the Chinese have been dumping their heated industrial waste water into the Japan current. It has finally reached the Bay area. If you don't believe me, just stay at a Holiday Inn Express. ;-)

  6. Global climate change is hitting us, too. Our mountain (Rainier) had its first snow two weeks ago, and today, some of the foothills are well dusted. This is very early...usually that happens in October. Yesterday it hit almost 80 here, today it stayed in the 50s.

  7. Evolution is a theory (but a truth to me). God is a *hoax*. Does that help clear things up?

    Sanity is a theory, I'm positive we're all crazy.

    Labrys... We're getting early snow over here in the Olympics also this year.

  8. BBC -- I kind of figured that would be the case, if Rainier is freshly whitewashed! That reminds me, I must call the propane folks today.


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