Thursday, September 16, 2010

The racism of the Christian right

We already know that the Christian Right are professional victims, whining about imaginary "discrimination" against Christians every time they aren't allowed special privileges that nobody else gets. A zoning ordinance prohibits erecting a 50 foot cross on a residential lawn or some shit like that, and they turn water into whine big-time, just like their Holy Savior. Nevermind that I can't erect a 50 foot tall statue of the Great Penguin on my lawn either, because the law prohibits all structures taller than 40 feet in our neighborhood. Do you hear me whining about discrimination against Tuxologists? No? If Christians don't get special privileges and special treatment compared to all other groups, the Christian Right whines about how victimized they are by being expected to obey the same laws as everybody else. Oh wah! If whine were wine, these self-entitled fatheads would have drowned in a whole fuckin' *sea* of wine by this time.

So anyhow, there's another thing about the Christian Right that nobody seems to want to touch with a ten foot pole: Most of'em are racist fucks. They really do believe that shit about black people bearing the "Mark of Cain" and thus being inherently evil. They're quick to point out that they allow black members in their churches and no longer shoot niggers on sight but instead co-exist peacefully with them and shit like that, but have you attended one of their churches recently? It's like you poured a few grains of pepper into a sea of salt, and the few blacks you see there are largely there for business reasons -- i.e., they work for the church, sell stuff to the church, whatever, but they're just there showing the flag. I mean, c'mon, who wants to voluntarily go to a church where everybody, like, thinks your color is a sign you're inherently evil and thus spend all their time babbling prayers at ya trying to drive the evil out and make you white like them? That's some sick shit, yo!

So anyhow, that's the background for that sick Christian Taliban bitch Bethany Storro, who burnt herself with acid to make herself even more of a victim in order to better proclaim her faith in Christ, and then blamed a big fat nigger woman for the acid attack because, like, all niggers are inherently evil so of course it was a nigger that done it, wot? Thus pulling together two threads of the contemporary Christian Right in America -- their professional victimhood, and their utter and total racism -- into one unholy and evil package. Kinda like Susan Smith, but at least Storro only hurt herself, not her kids -- thankfully.

And to quote some other Christian who is pissed: "Why is it that crazy people always want to step up and spread the word about Jesus? It’s hard enough being a Christian without the acid tossers, Koran burners, Sarah Palins, and the kill-a-grown-azz-person-to-protest-abortion types trying to be representatives." Well, I think it goes with that whole believing-in-imaginary-friends bit. What's charming in children is just fuggin' nuts in adults...

-- Badtux the Christian Taliban observin' Penguin


  1. Maybe one reason people pick on those obnoxious Christians is because they're so smug and holy and full of arrogance that you just want to slap the shit out of them.

  2. Christians think the law should not apply to them. God is above the law, so whatever stupid shit they want to do is OK. Another mark of the same lack of logic that leads them to believe in invisible sky wizards.

    *Captcha letters: "mulat" Short for mulatto, you racist Christians at Blogger?

  3. It's unfortunate that the ones that whine the loudest are the worst representatives. What they conveniently forget is that their right to believe in a mystical "whatever" in the sky doesn't give them the right to force you to accept "It". They also conveniently forget the 'practice what you preach' part.

  4. These more-Christian-than-thou Americans would have much easier sledding in this fallen world of ours if they would simply exercise a bit of their Fifth Amendment rights more often...


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