Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Catfood Commissioner strikes again

Not content with wanting to cut the benefits of Social Security recipients (who paid into the system for their entire lives) to the point where they have to eat cat food because they can't afford real food, now Obama's favorite cat food commissioner, Alan Simpson, proposes that disabled veterans be the next cat food commission victims. Because, you know, the government had nothing to do with them becoming disabled, so should do nothing for them. After all, Alan Simpson's rich motherfucking oligarchs need that money worse than people that, like, those oligarchs sent overseas to die for oil. I suppose though that this is just par for the course for the Republican plan for America. The Republican health care plan: Just die, already. The Republican Social Security plan: Just die, already. The Republican plan for disabled veterans: Just die, already. Fuck, the Republican Party makes Dr. Kevorkian look like a fuckin' angel of life and joy and happiness, yo. They ought to just rename themselves the Party of Death and quit playin' around with the onesies and twosies.

Republicans: They want you to just die, already.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Please don't associate Dr. Kevorkian with the Repugs. He, at least, was, in his own way, trying to help people by reducing their suffering.

    You can't say that about any Repug.


  2. The only real question is whether Alan Simpson strokes a white Persian cat while saying these things...

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  3. A small correction: they want you to die already when they have already sucked all the juicy-useful work time of your life out of you in their armies and corporate sweat shops. And not before---thus the rules against abortion or suicide.
    Only aged, busted serfs may die, thank you very much.

  4. And President Hopey just nods and says "Oh, that Alan! He's such a rascal, al the stuff he says. What can I do? Certainly not kick him off the Catfood Commission. He's a Rethuglican, after all. Mustn't make them angry. Meanwhile, fuck you crazy leftists who actually voted for me. Go take a piss test, losers."

    I tell ya, TPTB are going to use Obama to filet Social Security and Medicare. Just like it took Nixon to go to China, it's going to take an alleged Democrat to give old, sick people their drop-dead orders.

  5. Badtux, since you're someone who actually buys cat food and knows how much it costs, don't you think it's time to come up with a new name? Last time I looked, cat food was sort of expensive. Especially if you were buying enough to make up for not buying food. I'm thinking the new mantra of the commission might be "let them eat rats and mousies". Then all we'd need is a trap and a little bit of peanut butter to bait it with.


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