Thursday, March 11, 2010

Working on a new song...

I put #10 Elixirs on my Duo-Sonic, and have been playing with drop-D tuning and all my new gear, including the cheapo effects unit built in to the new Behringer mixer. What I've come up with is a *very* heavy sounding song that doesn't sound like anything I've ever done before, taking advantage of the easy bar chords available with drop-D tuning. It's called "No Mercy", and as soon as I play it through about 20 or 30 times to the point where I don't keep falling off beat or missing a transition (hey, I didn't say it was an *easy* song to play) I'll try to record it for you, but it might take a while because I haven't devised the drum and keyboard parts yet though I pretty much know in my head what they're going to sound like...

- Badtux the Songwriting Penguin

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