Sunday, March 28, 2010

Golden Gate Bridge

Sleator-Kinney, "Jumpers", off of their album The Woods. Corin Tucker is wailing away, seeming almost surprised when she hits those odd quavering notes, while Carrie Brownstein practices her Guitar Hero moves.

They made this album, then broke up. Someone asked Brownstein recently whether Sleator-Kinney would ever get back together. Brownstein said, "We made the album (The Woods) that we always wanted to make, there's nothing more we could do that could add to that." I guess that makes them ten times more honest than folks like the Rolling Stones, who kept making albums long after they'd run out of things to say just for the dough...

Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. The Woods is my favorite album of the past decade. It's brilliant. Talk about going out on a high note.

  2. Some are wise enough to quit when they are ahead. Or not so greedy that they want a bunch more money.

  3. Not that I've ever helped anyone get richer by buying their music when so much music is free.

  4. Man, I liked S-K. But I really miss L7. Amazing band.

  5. Regarding your comments about the Stones, I'm not so sure that greed is the only issue here. I think another reason that they've long overstayed their welcome is because they've spent their entire adult lives playing rock'n'roll, and now they really can't do anything else.

  6. I stumbled on The Woods about a year ago, and I'm totally hooked. Glad to hear it now, sad there isn't more coming.

    What I like about it the most is they kind of pop the cork and let the rock flow. I find the album very intense and satisfying.

    Occasionally we drive past the Slater-Kinney exit on I-5, and every time I point and say, hey I know my band. My wife doesn't even bother rolling her eyes anymore.


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