Friday, March 12, 2010

Ho hum

Just another Mormon Republican buggering an underage Mormon girl. Nothing new to see here, move along. Look! Over there! It's The Gay Agenda! Eeeek!

Clearly, The Gay Agenda forced Rep. Kevin Garn of Utah to have inappropriate sexual contact with a 15 year old girl. It's the only explanation for why the Mormon cult is so fixated on taking on that mighty supervillain The Gay Agenda, who is forcing, forcing I say, Mormon ward leaders to engage in sexually inappropriate activity with underage girls!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. I respect the Mormon religion more than a lot of others, but like any group you're going to fine some crackpots in it.

    Actually, I don't think getting in a hot tub with a 15 year old is all that wrong. But if sex is involved, yeah, that's pushing it.

    On the other hand, I don't care what others are doing sexually as long as they are peaceful and not bombing and killing others.

    Well, I don't like catholic priests messing with alter boys.

  2. It's the asymmetry of the situation that makes it revolting. A 15-yr old might look like a woman, but she is basically still a child.

    He was an authority figure, she was a kid. Even if she were an adult, this is sexual abuse.

    Now, I must go throw up.


  3. Are you throwing up because of what the hypocritical Mormon did, or because of BBC? Don't say "both"!

  4. Whatever happened must have been good, he gave her $150,000 for it, after it took him 18 years to earn that much money.

  5. BBC, thing is, the religions that seem to have the biggest hangups about sex (the Catholics and the Mormons) seem to also be the religions that have the most kiddie-fuckers in the ranks of their church elders.

    Jazz: This guy was her SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER. As in, a religious authority in her life. That's what's most sickening about the whole sordid affair.

    Montag: Whatever it was, it wasn't just hangin' around naked in the hot tub. I mean, I've been at nudist-type encampments where the adults and children feel no qualms about all piling into the hot tub naked, there ain't nothing wrong with that as far as I can tell, the kids don't seem to be damaged or anything by it, some of those families have been going out there for years and the kids are as rambunctious as any kids (kids who are abused get either very very quiet, or they get mean, they're not normal like that). But there's other adults around and there's no sexual hanky-panky going on. Ain't no way that this dude would have paid her off with $150K just for takin' a soak. No way, no how.

    - Badtux the Revolted Penguin

  6. Bukko -

    Though I claim a constitutional right to say "Both," I was in fact referring to the incident.

    Most of what BBC said almost comes close to making some sort of sense, except for 1) the part about respecting the mormon church and 2) "pushing it", Freudian symbolism aside, goes beyond typical British understatement.

    I think Smith got his magic glasses and underwear from on of the Free Market Fairy's siblings.

    Adults don't get to bonk kids; authority figures don't get to bonk their charges. This prick did both, all in one swell foop.


  7. I just saw this and put a post up on it as well. Did anyone see the picture of his colleagues applauding him because he's such a great guy. Makes me want to upchuck.

  8. they applauded him as he resigned. they also cheered for bunning

    the country is truly over the cliff


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