Thursday, March 11, 2010

OMG The Ghey iz after our chilluns!

OMG! World Nut Daily just sent me an email that tells me that that mighty supervillain, The Gay Agenda (see left), is on the march (or the prance, maybe?)! According to WND's email, The Gay Agenda is going to force, force I say, the American people to:

  1. "give special job preferences for homosexuals" (a.k.a. "you can't fire people just because they're gay" -- the horror, oh the horror, of not being allowed to fire people just for the crime of being born gay! Civilization is at an end, alas, alak! Teh Ghey will terrorize preschools, churches, and more with their tasteful hair styling and color-coordinated outfits, the horror, oh the horror!), and
  2. "promotion of the homosexual lifestyle in schools" (a.k.a., "teaching our children that tying gay people up and burning them as sodomites is bad because gays are human beings too"... omg, if schools teach tolerance, if we can't stone gays to death the way the Old Testament tells us to, the invisible sky demon up above is going to rain fire down upon us and WE'LL ALL DIE!!!!!).
And the only way to stop this horrible effort by that awful supervillain The Gay Agenda is to... uhm... send money to one of World Nut Daily's advertisers! Yes, send money now, or your children will get zapped by The Gay Agenda's Gay Ray of Gayness and, uhm, become as gay as a CONSERVATIVE ANTI-GAY REPUBLICAN LEGISLATOR! The horror, oh the horror!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Oh My God, the Homosexual Agenda?!?

    OK, I'll send money right away. Every spare dollar I can scrape up will go to World Net Daily and the American Family Association.

  2. Well, in the long run, we're all dead anyway, so why not just have a gay old time?!?


  3. I'm getting sick of this stupid shit...


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