Saturday, May 30, 2009

My morning

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I ran out of cat food last night. The result this morning was predictable, except paint "breakfast" rather than "dinner" into the photo and change the food to breakfast food.

So I headed out to the nearest Petco to get the special Science Diet that the furry beasts want, turns out it is in the middle of Santa Clara's Koreatown. And next door to the Petco is... a Korean tofu place, a Korean chicken place (!), and a Korean diner. I wasn't in the mood for fried chicken, I was in the mood for some soon doo boo, so I headed into the tofu place and had some nice spicy Korean tofu soup. It was not crowded and the only other people in there were Koreans. I asked for the spicy with kimchi, it was spicy :). The tofu was good too, they make their own tofu rather than buying gelatinous chunks. Only downer is I managed to spill half the egg on me when trying to put it into the boiling hot pot of soup they placed on my table, first time I've ever done that, bummer :-(. I didn't let that stop me from enjoying the meal though.

Afterwards I headed over to the new offices and re-arranged things a bit. I got all the computer gear off of the break room table and dragged it into the break room and set up the microwave and toaster oven on it, and dragged two tables and some chairs over there too. I also dragged the work bench out of the break room and put it in the engineering storage area. The new offices are still sort of a mess, we have boxes everywhere that haven't been touched yet (it was a PITA boxing up all the stuff we had in our engineering lab, it's just as much a PITA unboxing it and racking it back up or putting it up on wire storage racks), and somehow we ended up with way too many chairs. I think the previous tenant of the building left some chairs behind, a lot of the chairs that were supposed to go around a conference room table are still sitting in what is supposed to be the engineering storage area, which is why the stuff that's supposed to be in the engineering storage area is in the break room, sigh!

So now the cats are fed, I had a nice afternoon nap, and am about to head out shopping again. Tomorrow I'm heading up to Big Basin State Park early in the morning with a picnic lunch so I can get in a bit of hiking before the Terminator terminates the state parks, sigh...

-- Badtux the Busy Penguin


  1. hahaha! ha!

    The felines that share my residence (or should I say, with whom I share their residence) own me so bad that I make their own cat food. And feed them raw meat on a regular basis. This pic could have been me last night coming back from vacation, after five days of No Raw Meat.

    (queuing the Peter Gabriel music now... If looks could kill...)

  2. You ran out of cat food ? Bad servant . Lucky the boys didn't tear the appartment down around you .
    a lol w3ski

  3. Ran out of cat food...that's a fine excuse to give to sneak out for Korean.

  4. LOVE this photo....begging cats...whoda thunk?

  5. if i ran out of cat food, i think carlos would go to the petco himself

  6. I must admit , I have ocasionally run out of cat food . I have used Tuna and even canned dog food once in a while . The trick seems to be to get one of the gang to start eating it , then the rest at least taste it and shut up for a while . It at least will get me some quiet till I can get to the store .
    a shamed w3ski


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