Monday, May 18, 2009

In which the penguin is very rude

I don't like half-ass crap that ain't worth a shit. If you've ever worked on a car, read my rant and you'll probably nod your head, because you've encountered cheap-ass aftermarket parts that ain't worth puttin' on your worst enemy's car too. Otherwise, avoid, I use bad language on something that won't interest you.

-- Badtux the Wrenchin' Penguin


  1. I recently had the pleasure of helping restore a 68 chevelle . The engine a '396 was the easiest part . All the interior and all the acessory brackets and the other parts needed "fitting" even tho they were all "OE Fit" but aftermarket made . Clarance was our biggest problem , he came to visit us often .
    I FEEL Your Pain , my wrenching Penguin friend .
    a greasy and torn w3ski

  2. Let's see if I can get this right

    Universal fit means it does not fit anything.

    Custom fit means it does not fit a specified range of devices.

    Made for your whatever means it does not fit that actual device.

    Got this from the motorcycle world but it seems to apply almost everywhere.

  3. Pretty much. Like the oil pan skid plate I bought for my Jeep LJ. It was supposedly made for my model Jeep. I had to take the die grinder to some welds to make it actually fit, as well as stack some washers in critical places to give sufficient clearance. On the other hand, on the underside of my Jeep I could see clear signs that it was assembled using big ass sledgehammers and pipe wrenches, so maybe no two Jeeps were made alike, heh.

    Regarding my spark plugs, I went back this afternoon and bought $40 worth of Bosch plugs, their top of the line. I figger them Krauts ain't gonna sell cheap shit under their name. It's a theory, anyhow.


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